6 Easy Ways to Fix Why is My Youtube Not Working

Why is My Youtube Not Working


Youtube not working! Lets Fix This

Now days in internet world, one of the biggest problems that mobile phone users often face is YouTube not working on Android. YouTube is the largest video platform on the Internet with 1.5 billion monthly logged in visitors and hours of videos added every minute. Youtube has become a significant part of our lives due to the vast amount of videos available for consumption and as a source of entertainment and knowledge.

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Youtube has a monopoly on free online video consumption. If the platform stops or if we can’t use it, we can worry. So here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find out why YouTube isn’t working on your Android phone and how you can fix it.

YouTube Not Working on Android – How Can You Fix It?

The first thing to find out is if YouTube is down on its server or if it is something on our device that is preventing YouTube from working. You can use this drop detector to find out if Youtube is experiencing server outages or not. If the status is OK and “No Youtube problems” is displayed, then the problem is definitely in your smartphone. Follow the steps below to identify and resolve the issue:

1. If YouTube is not working on Android, please restart your Android smartphone

Many problems related to your smartphone can actually be fixed by a simple reboot or reboot function. Understanding these issues will solve your problem of YouTube not working on Android.

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This will close all running apps and background functions, which may resolve the problem you are experiencing while playing YouTube. This will solve the problem of YouTube not working on Android. It also takes no more than a few minutes to restart the device. Here is the step by step process if Youtube Not Working –

Step 1 – Press and hold the power button from the left or right side (depending on the smartphone model)

Step 2 – Here you will notice three different options; Shut down, restart and safe mode. Click Restart or Reboot. You can also choose to turn it off, but you’ll need to turn on your phone manually to do so.

Step 3 – After few minutes your phone screen will come back again. However, if you chose the shutdown option, wait a few seconds and press the power button to restart your phone.

Step 4 – After your phone restarts, open the YouTube app and try to play whatever video you tried to play earlier. It should work now.

2. Clear the cache on your Android if YouTube is not working on Android

If restarting your phone fails to fix YouTube Not Working on Android, you can try clearing the cache. Deleting the cache files will delete the temporary data stored on the phone, which may solve the problem.

Step 1 – Go to Settings from the drop-down menu on the notification bar or directly open the Settings app

Step 2 – In Settings, select the “Apps & Notifications” or “Applications” section (depending on your smartphone brand) and go to Application Manager or scroll down until you find YouTube

Step 3 – Click on YouTube and tap on “Storage and Cash”

Step 4 – Then tap on “Wipe Data/Storage” and “Wipe Cache”

The files and data cache should now be cleared. Now try to open Youtube app and try to play any video. It should work now.

3. Update your Android when YouTube is not working on Android

Although there is no connection between YouTube Not Work¬ing on Android with your outdated Android software, it can still cause some errors. And if your problem is caused by an outdated operating system, you can easily minimize it by updating.

Step 1 – Open the Settings app on your Android

Step 2 – Find System Updates, maybe under About Phone

Step 3 – Then download and install updates if available

Your phone will take some time to update, so sit back. And when your smartphone completes the process, go back to YouTube and open this music video again in the Youtube app.

4. Check your internet connection If Youtube Not Working

Another main thing you can do to fix YouTube not working on Android is to fix your internet connection. Whenever you find these kinds of errors, check your internet connection first by opening the settings menu from the notification bar. Check if your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network.

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However, sometimes a network connection is not enough. Even if your device shows “connected”, you may be able to access the server due to internal internet issues. Try searching something on google and check if it works or not.

If you are using a router, checking the lights on the router can help reduce internet problems.

5. Check your phone’s time and date if Youtube Not Working

Your phone’s date and time settings have various effects on the apps you use, including Whatsapp and YouTube. Google server may find problems with syncing your phone with YouTube that doesn’t work on Android if the date and time are not set correctly. You can easily fix it manually by following the steps we have provided below.

Step 1 – Open the Settings app

Step 2 – Click on “Date and Time”, if you can’t find this option, you can search for it in the settings search bar.

Step 3 – Then turn on the “Auto date and time” option.

In case this doesn’t solve your particular problem of YouTube not working on Android, there are other solutions waiting for you below.

6. Update your YouTube app If Youtube Not Working

Although an outdated YouTube app is probably not the culprit, you can still try to fix it by updating YouTube from the Google Play Store. It will only take a few minutes. So let’s try following the steps below.

Step 1 – Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone

Step 2 – Click on My Apps & Games

Step 3 – Click the Update button next to the YouTube result to see if you can update it or not

Step 4 – If it is available for update, try to update it as soon as possible.

We hope the above steps would solve your problem, in case nothing works, you can try the YouTube website in case YouTube is not working¬ on Android in your browser and check if you can access it.

Bottom Line – Why is My Youtube Not Working

Fixing the glitches that can cause the YouTube app to crash isn’t difficult, as in most situations you just need to close the app and re-open it. You should also keep in mind that watching videos on YouTube creates a huge amount of data stored in the cache directory.

This data may be the cause of the program not working, and clearing it would allow you to continue using YouTube without any problems.

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