What is Low Competition Keywords

Low Competition Keywords Meaning and Definition

Low competition keywords are phrases or terms that are searched for on search engines, but have little competition among advertisers or website owners.

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These types of keywords can be useful for SEO and content marketing, as they may be easier to rank for in search engine results. Some examples of low-competition keywords could include:

  • Long-tail keywords (e.g. “best running shoes for flat feet”)
  • Niche-specific keywords (e.g. “vegan meal delivery services”)
  • Location-based keywords (e.g. “best coffee shops in Seattle”)
  • Product-specific keywords (e.g. “organic cotton t-shirts”)
  • Industry-specific keywords (e.g. “construction project management software”)

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It’s important to note that the competition for keywords can change over time, so it’s a good idea to regularly research and update your list of low-competition keywords.

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