Kanpur Market 5 Best Market to Explore in Kanpur

Kanpur Market Visitng Kanpur
Kanpur Market Visitng Kanpur

Top 5 Kanpur Market

List of 5 Best Kanpur Market Places are below:

  • Naveen Market – Kanpur Market
  • 40 Dukaan – Kanpur Market
  • Sisamau Bazaar – Kanpur Market
  • Sadar Bazar – Kanpur Market
  • The Mall Road – Kanpur Market

What is popular in Kanpur for shopping?

Major shopping malls in Kanpur include The Mall, Birhana Road, Parade, Matson Road, Naveen Market, Gumti No. 5 and P.P.N. Price.

What is the famous product in Kanpur?

Now, Kanpur is famous for leather industry in the world. The main mineral in the area is sand. There is a lot of sand in the Ganges which is used to build houses, bridges and roads etc.

What is the famous thing to buy in Kanpur?

Leather products made in Kanpur are famous in whole world.

What Sweet is Kanpur Famous Sweet? Shopping in Kanpur

Kanpur famous Sweet – Thaggu Ke Laddu.

When is the best time to visit Kanpur?

October to March is best to visit in Kanpur. The best time to visit Kanpur and avoid extreme weather is from October to March. Spring, from February to March, is also pleasant and windy. Winter season lasts from November to January in Kanpur and shrouds the city in heavy winds.

Famous Places to visit in Kanpur?

Tourist attractions in Kanpur are Blue World Theme Park, Green Park Stadium, Nana Rao Park, Mahatma Gandhi Park, JK Temple and Kanpur Zoo.

What is the biggest mall in Kanpur?

Z Square Mall. The biggest mall in Kanpur – Z Square Mall.

Top 5 Kanpur Market

40 Dukaan : Kanpur Market

Kanpur’s ’40 shops’ market is famous, know what is available here specially for women

Today almost all women love to shop. For this, she roams in many street markets and malls and also explores things. From makeup to clothes, women like to take everything fashionable, but the goal of women is to do good shopping in less money. In such a situation, if fashionable things are available at low prices, then it becomes icing on the cake.

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But such markets are rare, where good and cheap goods are available. There is one such market in the famous city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, which is known as 40 Dukaan. So, today we will tell you some interesting things about this special market of Kanpur, where you will find branded makeup to more than one designer clothes at reasonable prices.

Where is the 40 Dukaan in Kanpur Market?

In Mahanagar Kanpur you will find these 40 shops in Market Kidwai Nagar. This market is in South Kanpur, which is at a distance of 5 km from Kanpur Central. You can also use bus, tempo, e rickshaw, auto to reach here.

40 Dukaan Kanpur Market Timing

Usually this market remains open from 11 am to 10 pm everyday. But it remains closed on Tuesdays. Let us tell you that the right time to shop in this market is from 4 to 6 in the evening. At this time you will get time to explore the market comfortably along with less crowd.

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Also, you can do time bargaining while shopping at this time. In this way, you can come here for shopping even after 6 o’clock, but due to being on the main road, there is a jam in the evening due to the departure of big vehicles. Due to which you may have inconvenience while shopping.

What is Special in 40 Dukan Kanpur Market?

You will find almost everything related to women’s fashion in this market. Here you will find a large variety of designer tops, jeans, salwar-suits as well as makeup and ladies footwear.

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You can come for street shopping in this market. Here you will get to see variety from western to Indian wear. In this market, not only clothes, but you will also get to see many things to decorate the house. You will also find a trailer shop here.

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Let us tell you that initially there were a total of 40 shops here. Due to which the name of this market got 40 shops, but now there are more than 40 shops here. Along with this, there is another market at a little distance from this market. Which is known as Triveni Market. Here you will find showrooms of branded clothes.

Famous Market Places in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the commercial cities in north India. In terms of manufacturing, Kanpur emerged as one of the best places to shop. However, there are many shopping avenues open in the city center. Besides these shopping centers, there are markets, malls, stand-alone stores, and purpose-built malls. Kanpur is known for its finest leather products which include things like belts, films, wallets, bags and even sports accessories. Leather and skins are the most traded products in this country.

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Besides leather, handicrafts and handicrafts are other popular items for sale. Handcrafted centerpieces, wall hangings, and even safes and vaults are available at various lodges around the city. Local clothing and textiles are some of the other things this country has to offer, as well as jewelry at very low prices. Furniture such as furniture, bracelets and trousseau items are also sought after in Kanpur.

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Despite all the developments in Kanpur, the local market is still the most popular place for shopping. These markets are often filled with shoppers, passers-by and vendors selling their wares and interacting with customers. Kanpur market has a unique and delicious flavor when it comes to local food, and offers the best roadside food in the entire city. Some of the popular markets in Kanpur are as follows.

Naveen Market is located in Kanpur

Kanpur’s most popular shopping center is Naveen Market, which is also the largest shopping area in the city. His name is Balkrishna Sharma Naveen, a famous Hindi poet. This famous market for leather products offers Italian leather and suede at ridiculously low prices. Dresses like sarees and dupattas are very fashionable and expensive.

Even cotton material is here. Leather and cotton are produced and finished products are often produced locally and therefore provide quality and durability. Even very good chikankari cloth is available here. Some of the popular stores in Naveen Market are Heera Panna Showroom, Novelty Corner, Parvati Men’s Wear and Abhilasha Clothing.

Navin Market is located in Colonel Ganj and is close to shopping malls, Z Square and Rave3 malls, as well as restaurants like Palate, a multi-cuisine restaurant and Annapurna restaurant that serves vegetarian food. meat. This market is easily accessible by public transport and private cars. It is about two kilometers from Kanpur Terminus.

Recently, the busy Naveen Market road is set to get a facelift thanks to the latest government scheme. This plan has been developed to improve the success of Lucknow market to make it attractive and attractive to the buyers. This will be achieved by charting the entire market following a theme and having a standard logo for each store in the market..

The Mall Road Market in Kanpur

The Mall Road is the place to go if one wants to shop for clothes in Kanpur and like the rest of the city boasts of some truly amazing leather shops. This place has higher end brands than The Body Shop and Biba and most of the shops in Kanpur are on this road hence the name.

After shopping, one can relax in cafes such as Cafe Coffee Day and others spread across the area. The mall is a premium shopping destination that promises to provide customers with the best of Kanpur city culture and a quality shopping experience. The shopping street is near Colonel Ganj and about 10-15 minutes from the station. So it is easily accessible from any part of the city.

Other Famous markets in Kanpur

Although Kanpur’s shopping center is dominated by Naveen Market on The Mall Road, many other small and large markets are located around the city and are not popular with shoppers.

Birhana Road Market in Kanpur

Birhana Road, located in General Ganj, is famous for its jewelry, as is Sisamau Bazaar.

Meston Road Market in Kanpur

Meston Road, also known as Bada Chauraha, is famous for its everyday accessories as well as leather and silver products. The famous Khanams store is located in the Becon Ganj area and is known for high-end tailoring, embroidery and fashion and bridal wear.

PPN Market in Kanpur

PPN Market at Gumti No. 5 are other places famous for their clothing. Markets selling their products at bargain prices are located in General Ganj and Navghada.

Hatiya Market in Kanpur

Hatiya is known for cheap jewellery, bangles and saris. Shopping in Kanpur is not always a pleasant experience, however, value for money, high quality and first class craftsmanship are the USP of Kanpur markets.

The Bottom Line : Kanpur Market

The busy little streets of these markets are always filled with shoppers and tourists looking for beautiful souvenirs, taking pictures or just strolling around traffic, making shopping in Kanpur market an exciting time.


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