76 Best Backlinks Sites List for Free: Create Quality Backlinks, Enhance Google Ranking! (2024 Updated)

Best Backlinks Sites List for Free
Best Backlinks Sites List for Free

76 Free Backlinks Sites List: Build High-Quality Backlinks From Scratch and Boost Your Google Ranking! (Updated 2024)

Link building mirrors strength training. Just as you can purchase equipment and train at home, initiating this process is perplexing. Where do you commence? How can you discern if you’re employing the proper methods or if there’s a superior approach?

It’s akin to having a seasoned trainer guide you at the gym—or at least a tutorial on YouTube!

Regard this article as your link building mentor:

Rather than generating content in bulk and hoping for traction, focus on these 18 premier websites for backlinks to elevate your rankings and traffic.

The undeniable reality is that free backlinks sites remain pivotal for achieving top Google rankings, driving organic traffic, and enhancing brand recognition and authority. However, sourcing high-quality backlinks online can be time-consuming and arduous, especially for SEO novices. So, where and how can you obtain top-notch backlinks for free?

In this guide, Upreports will unveil a comprehensive list of free backlinks sites to streamline your journey. Each of these platforms is tailored to help you construct backlinks from the ground up, thereby elevating your domain authority in 2023. But before delving into the list, let’s grasp the essence of backlinks and their significance.

Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks, also known as inbound or incoming links, signify links from one website page to another. Major search engines like Google interpret them as endorsements for specific pages. Pages boasting a high quantity of backlinks typically enjoy superior organic search engine rankings. Essentially, if a website links to yours, you secure a backlink, and vice versa.

The Importance of Backlinks:

Backlinks serve three crucial functions for websites:

  1. Rankings: Backlinks function as votes of confidence for search engines. The more backlinks you accumulate, the more search engines perceive your content as valuable and reliable, leading to higher rankings for relevant search queries.
  2. Discoverability: Search engines rely on backlinks to uncover fresh content. By acquiring backlinks from popular pages, your content stands a better chance of swift discovery.
  3. Referral Traffic: Backlinks serve as clickable pathways directing users to valuable resources, thereby generating referral traffic to your website.

    (Also, stay tuned for a valuable tip at the conclusion to unearth a treasure trove of perpetual link building prospects.)

    Now, let’s explore the curated list of free backlinks sites, categorized for your convenience:

    Social Media Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram
    4. Pinterest
    5. Tumblr
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Minds
    8. Trepup

    Video-sharing Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. YouTube
    2. Vimeo
    3. DailyMotion
    4. MetaCafe

    Q&A and Community Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. Quora
    2. Reddit
    3. Google QnA

    Blog Publishing Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. Medium
    2. RakeshGoswami.com (Contact us)
    3. Blogger
    4. WordPress
    5. Wattpad

    PDF, Infographics, Presentations, and Document Publishing Sites for Free Backlinks:

    1. Authorstream
    2. Slideboom
    3. Slideshare
    4. Issuu

    Photo Sharing Platforms for Free Backlinks Creation:

    1. Unsplash
    2. Flickr
    3. Imgflip
    4. Pixabay
    5. Pexels
    6. Weheartit

    Content Sharing and Curation Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. Folkd
    2. Scoopit
    3. Apsense
    4. Mix
    5. Listly

    Business Markup and Listing Sites for Link Building:

    1. Google My Business
    2. Crunchbase
    3. Yelp
    4. Foursquare

    Review Websites for Building Free Backlinks:

    1. Trustpilot
    2. TestFreaks
    3. TripAdvisor
    4. Citysearch

    Classified Submission Platforms for Free Backlinks:

    1. USA Free Classifieds
    2. Top Classifieds
    3. Classified Ad Submission Service

    Free Website/Page Builders for Building Backlinks:

    1. Wix
    2. Weebly
    3. About.me
    4. Strikingly
    5. Site123
    6. Google Sites

    Other Platforms for Building Free Backlinks:

    1. Booklikes
    2. Kinja
    3. Tripoto
    4. Blogolize
    5. SimpleSite
    6. Devpost
    7. Gifyu
    8. Gab
    9. Blogadda
    10. Topseos
    11. Penzu
    12. Bumppy
    13. Zumvu
    14. Tuugo
    15. Pxhere
    16. HARO: Website: https://www.helpareporter.com
    17. SourceBottle: Website: https://www.sourcebottle.com
    18. Business 2 Community (B2C), Website: https://www.business2community.com
    19. BizSugar, Website: https://share.bizsugar.com
    20. GrowthHackers, Website: https://growthhackers.com
    21. Pen.io, Website: http://pen.io
    22. “Write for Us” Sites (Guest Posting), Website: Respective blog URLs for guest posting opportunities
    23. Resource Pages, Website: Respective site URLs for inclusion of resources
    24. DeviantArt, Website: https://www.deviantart.com
    25. Tumblr, Website: https://www.tumblr.com

    In conclusion, these platforms offer invaluable opportunities to acquire high-quality backlinks for free, enhancing your website’s authority and visibility. While the process may demand time and effort, the payoff in terms of improved Google rankings and increased traffic makes it well worth the investment.


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